P.R. on the rise Ch. 2

Today was the study cession various parts of the second chapter and I discovered some interesting things.  Some I would say intriguing, others no so much.  The honorary P.R. practitioners of the past were kind of neat.  I never would have imagined Sir Walter Raelly and Sam Adams as public relations pros but I cant dispute it either.  I also thought it was cool that the word propaganda dates back as far as it did.  Its strainge how quickly public relations has evolved from P.T. Barnum to Ed Bernay.  He was an intriguing character as well.  I cant tell if I like him or hate him because of what he did.  I just I’m more pron to what I feel is the more genuine approach to P.R.  Ivy Lee, minus the whole Hitler ordeal, seemed to have what appears to honest idea of how to handle things.  Bernay seemed to use people more then he helped them, and I think that P.R. should be a joint effort between employers and  the publics they serve.  The work we learned about with ol Ed and the tobacco company made me lose some respect for the guy.  All and all though I found the exercise to be informative and entertaining.  The best part my have been the fact that Teddy Roosevelt hated his nickname but used it because it made good P.R.


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