My Top Ten

So, I’m not going to claim to be an expert on how to get a job, but I have one so that’s got to be worth something right?  Well even so, I do have a list of my ten favorite tips on how to get a job. 

1. Make sure that your resume is only a page.  There are people who have been working for decades and only have a page.  You don’t want to seem full of yourself.

2. Include your major GPA instead of your overall.  A P.R. firm probably doesn’t care what you made in astronomy.

3. Tell your references that your including them as references.  It’s common courtesy.

4. Keep an eye on your wordage. The resume is a summery of what you’ve done, not a novelization.  That ties back to the one page issue.

5. If you name is a unique one, congradualations but we might not know how to say it.  Including a pronunciation can be helpful.  If you name is John, you might not need it.

6. Research your company.  If your going to work there you should have an idea of what they do.

7. Dress nicely to an interview.  Put your best self forward.

8. If its a phone interview ask before hand what to if the call gets dropped.  Phone tag is not how you want to handle an interview.

9.  Have good posture if you can.  It doesn’t effect your job skill but anything  will help during an interview.

10. Always send a thank you note to your interviewer.  It’s a good way of showing that your a nice person.

These are some of the things that I really thought were good ideas and I hope they help you.  Remember that anything help you, no matter how out there it may seem.


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