Chapter 6

In chapter 6 the concept program planning is discussed.   The book states “A good public relations program should be an effective strategy to support an organization’s business.  The chapter includes a strategic planning model that 4 main points.  It starts with facts, this includes category facts, product/service issues, competitive facts, and customer facts.  Next is goals, these are business objectives, roles of public relations, and sources of new business.  3rd is the audience which involve target audiences, current mind-sets, and desired mind-sets. Finally there is the key message which is the main point of the process.  PRSAalso recommends an 8 element plan made up of situation, objectives, audience, strategy, tactics, calender/timetable, budget and evaluation.  Of these one of the most importantyet underrated elements is the timetable.  This can make or break your program plan.


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