Seth Godin’s “Tribes”

Author Seth Godin has written a new book entitled “Tribes” discussing the various changes according in social networking and media/public interaction.  I watched a filmed version of a lecture he did promoting the book.   I understood some ideas and others eluded me, but the his premise seem none the less interesting.   He describes the concept of modern “tribes” as a digital equivalent to the cultural meaning of the word.   People who read others blogs and follow their posting are considered to be in their tribe.  Subcultures and groups of interest are our modern tribes.  He relates to fans at a Star Wars convention as being members of a specific tribe.  These classifications have always existed, but with the emergence of mass media and information technology, the power of these groups is growing.  For the first time in history, interactions between these groups are not subject to convention dates or magazine and ticket prices.  The Internet revolution has created an instant availability to anyone interested or concerned with a certain idea. His book explains this evolution and offers ways to survive in this new area.  Interestingly enough Godin discuses the fact that the television and radio generation is somewhat disappearing.  This is not to say that the people are watching less T.V., but the advertising power of television is slowly declining.  Social networking and the Internet have begun to dominate the ways in which we think and understand our world.  Individuals who wish to succeed in marketing, advertising or in our case, P.R. will need to evolve with it.


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