Socail Media Throwdown

I have just listened to part of the Pod cast Social Media Throwdown with host Albert Maruggi.   The show discussed the idea of a personal brand and how if should function in a corporate setting.  The guests were Hajj Flemings and Geoff Livingston.  Hajj Flemings is a proponent of the brand and has written a book about the idea entitled “The Brand YU Life”.  He claims that it is important have a good image of yourself and strong on-line presence.  He states that this image is based on character and not necessarily reputation.  The other guest felt agreed to some of Flemings points but commented that individuals must be part of a team and that their job is to serve the company, not just themselves.   Flemings went on to say that a good company should “Grow employees”, meaning that whats good for the company should be good for the employee.   One of Livingston’s points was that when he hires he searches for past employers and coworkers, stating that a good face doesn’t necessarily make a good worker.  He expects workers to give 101 percent while at work.  Fleming agrees but thinks that personal will being makes a good system.  Later in the pod cast, an individual on Tweeter asked what to do if a company seem dangerous to ones own brand.  Livingston states that you can only control your own position and to do the best you can.  He also relates to something said buy Seth Godin in that individuals will leave so companies need to take care of them.


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