Interview with Lauren Jones Crawford

I interviewed public relations practitioner Lauren Jones Crawford of Three Atlanta earlier this afternoon.  The fallowing is a summoryof her answers to a several questions.

Q. What was your average work week like?

She said that her work evolved media relations, pitching ideas, working with writers, setting up interviews and doing fallow ups.  She also stated that she would often work with press releases.

Q.What was a project that you were particularly proud of?

Lauren related a story about a health tech company that was moving from a private to a public organization.  Their competitors began to claim that this was a bad move.  She and her team created company inserts, website techniques and interviews to allow for the voice of the business to be heard.

Q.What is the importance of writing in p.r.?

She stated that writing may be the most important element to successful public relations.  She feels that an individual needs to be able to write well and that often a writers ability determines their credibility.  Lauren also said that a writers work can attract other qualified writers.

Q.What are three tips you’d give to someone just starting out?

1: Have writing samples available.

2: Build good relationships with writers and editors

3: Do research to spot current trends.

Q. How do you stay up to date?

Lauren reads journals and new sources everyday.  She says good examples are PR News, the Wall-street Journal, and regional newspapers as well.  She says to try and see the world as a whole and that social networking is a great tool to use.

Q. Where did you work?

Lauren worked at Three Atlanta.  The website is

Q. What is your definition of P.R.?

“Being a business partner to your clients.  Being a vehicle to help get your clients point of view across and addressing issues that matter to them.”

Q. How does your college training compare to your job requirements?

She said that real world work is a new experience but that her education has great helped her be successful.

Thank you once again to Lauren Jones Crawford.


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