48 hours of twitter

http://twitter.com/wickedpr, http://twitter.com/RossWeber, http://twitter.com/jeremyddot I have included these the addresses from twitter because I feel that they are good examples of different kinds of PR pages available on twitter.  My account is http://twitter.com/kwigley2.  Now for my feelings on another 48 hours of twitter.  I have to be honest, I can’t stand twitter.  I know that people love and that it is a valuable tool for communication, but that’s not how i work.  I want face to face communication and I don’t like talking with individuals without hearing their voice.  That aside, I didn’t see much of a change on twitter scenes I was on it two months ago.  The comments seem to remain the same, the content is all that has changed.  Surprisingly enough I’ve had a few people fallowing me that I didn’t know where tweeters. I had a little more trouble tweeting this time around because I have a show (Man for All Season at the Center for Art and Theatre, 7:30PM), a test, and an accreditation rep checking out the theatre department.  I’d find myself setting and writing what ever I could.  I just can’t get into twitter, I never change my facebook status or alert people top what I’m doing, I’m just not on the computer that much.  But I do think it is a good system and at the end of the day it makes people feel closer to others and that’s a feeling that can’t be measured.  I’m happy its around and so I say farewell for now twitter, I just might stop by and tweet some time.


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