Top 10 things that I learned in PR

During this past semester I have learned several things that I believe will help me succeed in the real world

1.  I discovered the power of social networking and how its going to play a pivotal role in public communication.

2. I learned the responsibility of keeping a blog and navigating new technologies. (Their new a least to me)

3. I’ve learned the importance of ethics and morality in the P.R. career

4. I have been trained to write a news release, something I will be doing not to long from now.

5. I discover how important writing is to public relations and successful communication

6. I understand the clear difference between marketing, advertising and P.R.  I also understand how they are similar.

7. I learned the power of twitter and though I still don’t like it, its usefulness’s is clear.

8. I learned that there are a wide variety of publics and a specific campaign must be geared toward each.

9. I understand what goes on in corporate and firm based P.R.  I also learned how they are different.

10. I’ve learned to spot campaigns and observe successes and failures in everyday P.R. that is exposed to me.

It’s been a successful class and I hope to utilize the information I received in clear and professional way.


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