The Publics of Theatre South

When we look at who we are marketing to, we are often looking at a segmented public.  These groups are demographics that can be separated based off of age, career, economic background or even the region in which they live.  Knowing and understanding the values and concerns of these groups is paramount to creating an effective relationship with them.  In the case of my client, Theatre South, the public that they are trying to reach are mainly students and members of the community who are interested in theatre.  When “selling” a show, it is important to find groups that can associate themselves with the work.  If the organization was doing a Irish play festival, it would be a good idea to contact the Center for Irish Studies.  If they were producing a 10-minute play competition it would be a good idea to contact the writing department.  These groups can not only offer support to an organizations efforts but often they can become active in the events.  When Theatre South is trying to simply acquire members, they look to the student body.  This group is looking for a fun and meaningful organization that will help them make friends and build a better resume.  Our members are also those interested in the performing arts.  Breaking down the groups into areas of interest (performing, design, management, etc.) can help the organization appear more effective in providing a quality environment in which to learn.  The main thing that the college level public wants to have something that they can call their own and put their efforts towards.  Providing them that will help any organization thrive. ( )


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