When selecting a typeface, it is important to know what kind of emotion and context that font is expressing.  Strategic Publications by Linda P. Morton defines fonts as “a family of type styles that share the same name and distinct characteristics”, thus a font can express a wide variety of information. A good font is one that exhibits the emotion and personality of the work or organization the publication is representing.  Designers look for something unique but not distracting, lively but not unprofessional.  The type of publication can also play a large part in the selection of fonts.  You want to keep something like a business card professional.  Standard or classic fonts show that you are serious about what you do for a living.  Aften designers look for subtle yet original typefaces when creating these, as they add texture without over louding it.  Having to bold or outrageous of a style can make you seem less credible. These lessions are important unless your profession is one that requires a more relaxed expression such as a clown or comidic entertainer. That being said, the use of lively typfaces can be favorable to your publication.  The main key is to know what is appropirate with your publics. 

When making a publication such as a brochure, different typefaces should be considered. In some cases, you want a font that sells the product, attraction, event or organization to it’s selected publics.  For example, if you are creating a brochure for a water park, you want a font that flows right off the page.  Fonts that exhibit excitement and fun will make the park that much more appealing.  Fonts can remind people of the attractions that your client has to offer. Fonts can be found in your word processor or online at websites such as www.dafont.com/, www.1001freefonts.com, www.simplythebest.net/fonts/ and can downloaded easily with this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Download-Fonts-for-Windows


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