Around Town

Holidays are a crucial part of the human experience, and likewise an important component in the lives of our publics.  The understanding of how to utilize these times of year without exploiting them is very important.  If you are planning an event that can coincide with a seasonal tradition, see if you can become a part of it.  The use of community calendars is a valuable resource.  These are publications created by the town that can help you with your own work. There are community centers in most every town that can help a P.R. practitioner get their organization involved.  In Statesboro, the Averitt Center for The Arts is the community hub.  ( ) They organize events and help promote local groups to the city.  Every first Friday of the month, the Averitt Center and the Development authority host a downtown festival that any group can participate in.  ( )For organizations trying to get a voice in the community, this tool is invaluable.  Not every community will have this kind of event, but most will have a development authority that can help.  The University also hosts several seasonal events that can get the word out.  Artsfest is an annual arts celebration that focus’ on the arts and welcomes any organization that is willing to help.( ) This is a great opportunity to show off any talents or neat elements of the organizations members.  The simple act of being at one of these event can do quite a bit for the promotion of an organization.   

One thing that makes these events so useful is that you can test which of your publications is going to serve you best.  Trying different ones can be very helpful for creating a long-term production plan.  Being mindful or your options within the community is a great way to communicate with your publics.  People will notice what you are doing.


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