Networking: Tools and Connections

The use of those around you can be an invaluable tool for promoting an event or an organization.  Often times an event can be interesting not only to the hosting organization but to other groups as well.  I have found that events and organizations can elicit the help of other like-minded groups and that the effect is definitely a positive one.  The use of on campus departments can muster university support.  ( ) Most professors will offer help if they believe in the cause that the group or event is based on.  Being aware of the positive college atmosphere and how to sync up with it can greatly aid in any endeavor. ( )

Promotion of a group is the key to gaining this support.  One the most effective methods is the brochure.  This is a classic and excepted method of promotion gets an organizations information out there.  Unfortunately, it is not a full proof system, as there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration. The importance of timeliness in designing a publication is paramount.  Often when an organization decides to print off a brochure or information sheet, they will print off in bulk.  Printing in large quantities is cheaper and opens up the group to additional benefits like folding and cutting.  Unfortunately adding time sensitive details into your design can date them relatively quickly.  When I designed my brochure I left a small white block with a caption that read “This Year’s Info”, and I informed my organization that they could print in large quantities and place the current semesters information in the block with a sticker or permanent marker.  I also designed a bookmark with the same technic, and plan to contact the bookstore and ask them to place them in the next semesters theatre books.  Hopefully this will spread the word and provide that campus interaction that helps so much.


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