Indesign Help

In this class we have been exposed to the Indesign software at a fairly high level.  That being said there is still always large amounts of information that has yet to be deciphered.  One helpful technic that I have found in creating an effective publication is the ability to pull an image from either the web or the desktop and turn it into a background.  First you want to get you image.  You can obtain an image by saving it to your desktop. 

+First create a new document and select the Rectangle Frame Tool.

+Create a frame at the desired size and click on the Select Tool.

+Click on your box and go to “File” and then “Place”.

+Find your image from a file or a saved image from the web and select it.

+If you have a web image you will need to fit the content to your frame under “Fitting”.

+Click on the Text Tool and create a box to your desired size, then add your content.

+Click the Select Tool and move the text box where you want it on the image.

+Go to “Window” and select “Transparency”.

+Select the image and now you can bring the percentage down to make the text easier to see.

This is a useful technic for making an invitation or other personal publication.  Also be aware that when you are working on the GSU campus that Indesign CS3 is not available in the library.  The system there is CS, but there is a chance that they will update soon. The staff there should be able to locate any new software that may come in the future. ( )


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