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I’m happy to be here but I’m starting to gage my college mortality.  I’m not ready to leave but I am ready to stop studying.  I want to focus on my career and not deal with core.  Summer will be nice though.



This semester is slowly killing me.  I just found out that I have a rehearsal on Monday, 2 exams on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday and just as a kicker 1 on Friday.  Heaven help me.

Current scene

Right now I’m currently working on “Down Came The Rain”, its a short play about a mentally handicapped boy and his older brother.  I think its a good script and that its going to go well.  My roommate Chris is our director and he always dose a good job.  Now I just have to remember my lines.

Man For All Seasons

I finished a week long run of Man for All Seasons on Saturday and I feel that the show was a success.  People seemed to enjoy the show and that’s all we could ask for.  I had a fun time but I am glad to call it a show.


I’ve been chosen to direct a show for next years season.  I have an idea of what I’m going to do and will announce it soon.


I’m trying to keep up on my blogging but I think I’m not the cut out for it.  I don’t check social media or networking sites that often and I don’t express my personal views on-line that often.  I’m trying to be more active.

Flea In Her Ear

This past Saturday I went to a production of “A Flea In Her Ear” directed by a friend of mine.  Though the show had a fair share of controversy and several individuals were upset by the way the show was handled, it seems to me to be a funny and enjoyable night.