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April 22

We discussed the set up of a news release and the one I brought in seems to have most everything.

1. The company logo, mine didn’t have it.

2. The word Press Release

3. Release date

4. Contact info

5. Headline

6. Dateline

7. Lead


9. The body

10. The page slugs

11. Additional contact info

12. The Boilerplate

13. End sign

Most press releases are written in APA style


Reponce to class on Ap 20th

We discussed the importance of writing in PR.  The importance of media kits seems interesting because I think that soon I will need to make one.

Class on Ap 15th

We had a few guests in class on Wednesday.  One of them was my interviewee Lauren Crawford.  It was nice to see some of the work that goes on at threeatlanta and to meet her in person.

Rewsponce to class on Monday 13th of Ap

I watched the video in class on Monday and I was surprisedthat some people didn’t get what it was tyring to do.  A mocumentary can be a power tool, but it fails if the audience misinterprets it.

Class on April 1

Listening to the pod-cast was an interesting experience and I’m glad that I did it.  That being said, I did find myself wondering when I would do this on a regular basis. I’m not on-line that often and so sitting down listening to an entire pod-cast would  be somewhat difficult.  I suppose that this is something that I can work on.

Class on Monday, March 30th

On Monday we discussed the importance of this blog to our final grade and I learned what I had an what I didn’t.   I’ve been doing pretty well with reading notes and assignments but it seems I misunderstood some of the categories.  These responses are one of the areas that I need to improve upon.  I’m glad to know what I need… even if it means more work.